A video has emerged showing rogue boda boda operators beating a motorist senseless and vandalizing his vehicle after he allegedly hit and injured one of them. 

In what appears to be a section of Thika Superhighway, the motorcyclists are captured in the undated video descending on the hapless and helpless man despite pleas from members of the public.

The motorcyclists numbering more than 10 are seen beating the man and smashing the windscreen as well as the driver and passenger windows of the car with a flat tyre.

A passerby tries to hep and protect the man covered in blood but he is soon overpowered by the uncontrollable boda boda operators who continue beating him up in the two-minute 19 second clip.

The man recording the video and others around the scene is heard pleading with the men to spare the motorist to no avail as other motorists drive by and hoot to stop the madness.

Eventually a uniformed administration police officer arrives and manages to rescue the visibly bloody and helpless motorist but it is unclear what transpired before and after the incident.

The clip brigs to light how boda boda operators operate on Kenyan roads with impunity while violating all traffic rules and take the law into their hands if any motorist dares cross their path.

Dr Fred Matiang'i. PHOTO/COURTESY

Netizens, on watching the clip shared by Twitter user, appealed to the government, through the Ministry of Interior headed by Fred Matiang’i to rein in on the rogue industry before it’s too late.  

The clip captures only one of the unfortunate incidences involving the motorcycle industry that 1.4 million riders across the country but has become the embodiment of lawlessness and crime.