Deputy President William Ruto rained on Murang’a Senator Irungu Kang’ata’s parade during a fundraising event at Gatunyu Grounds in Gatanga Constituency.

This was during the launch of a bursary funds launch dubbed ‘Wakili Edward Muriu Pesa Mfukoni Bursary Fund’.

Kang’ata was the first person to contribute his money to the kitty and produced Sh40,000.

However, the DP recalled the senator just as he was about to leave the dais and told him to go look for more money and top up his contribution.

“Wait a moment Kang’ata,” said Ruto.

“Since you are the one to start us off, don’t you want the gubernatorial position?” he posed, and Kang’ata responded to the affirmative.

Ruto told Kang’ata that the amount he contributed was so little for anyone who aspires to become a governor and asked him to raise it to at least Sh100,000.

“No, that is unacceptable… get serious. You go look for Sh100,000 and bring it here. Stop disturbing us. Which governor is worth Sh40,000? There is none. So you get lost… go look for money,” Ruto told Kang’ata 

The embarrassed senator left the dais as he went back to sit in the crowd probably trying to figure out from where he was going to fork out the Sh100,000 his boss demanded of him.