Deputy President William Ruto has elicited mixed reactions from Kenyans for claiming that he will give Sh100 billion to unemployed Kenyan youth when elected the president.

Ruto, while on his tour in Mukuyuni, Kaiti Constituency, Makueni County, said youths form a larger part of our population and in his government, he will form an inclusive plan to uplift millions of Kenyans out of poverty under the revolutionary Bottom-Up Economic Model.

He also assured residents of transforming rural areas in the country through the empowerment of small traders, especially women who toil under difficult circumstances to put food on the table.

His pledge to give Sh100 billion to youth comes after his allies attacked the ODM leader Raila Odinga for promising to give jobless Kenyans Sh6,000 each to transform their lives.

Dismissing Ruto's promise to youth, Narok County senator Ledama Ole Kina said Kenyans are not fools and Sh100 billion can not create jobs for those youth who are jobless.

Ledama said what Kenyan youth need is economic enablers, not free cash, good road access to markets, affordable health care, and Tax cuts.

Ruto also made several tours in Kavutini, Itambani, Thomeandu, Kitituni and Kikoko Trading Centres and Mukuyuni, Kilala, Kalongo and Nunguni Markets in Kaiti Constituency, Makueni County.