ODM leader Raila Odinga has promised to ensure that Kenyans get better services once elected as president in next year's general election.

Raila spoke while touring Kisumu where he pledged to continue reviving the health sector that amid efforts by President Uhuru Kenyatta administration to improve health services.

Similarly, the ODM party leader vowed to end the theft of public funds by government officials and seal all the corruption loopholes and also save the country from debts.

Raila also promised to revive the dying industries and the agricultural sector.

To deal with the poverty rate, Odinga said he will ensure that Kenyans get to access loans to support business and farming.

He promised to implement laws that will boost micro, medium, and small enterprises.

”We want to ensure basic structures stabilize to benefit people who are facing challenges due to swaying economy. I want small businesses to receive loans with no interest for seven years to grow their businesses,” he said.

Odinga praised president Kenyatta's directive to the National Treasury of allocating Sh10 billion to the Kazi Mtaani program.

He said the program will enhance opportunities for youths.

Kazi Mtaani was launched in April the last year to cushion the most vulnerable and youths in informal settlements from the effects of the coronavirus.

Raila also called upon the residents of Nyanza to come out and register as voters.

“The only way you can be my foot soldiers is by registering as voters,” he said.