A special general meeting has been called on December 5 to discuss a motion filed to impeach Law Society of Kenya (LSK) President Nelson Havi. 

LSK member Charles Midenga has accused Havi of gross misconduct and contravening Article 10 of the Constitution of Kenya in charges contained in a five-page document.

The motion follows an all-out and ugly war pitting Havi against CEO Mercy Wambua after he dismissed Wambua for alleged misuse of power, despite other council members voting against it.

On October 19 the LSK boss kicked Wambua out of office despite the Council, by majority, voting to block such a move.

Havi took the fight with Wambua and the Council a notch higher by posting the message below:

“TAKE NOTICE that the above pictured individual, MERCY KALONDU WAMBUA, ceased being the Secretary and Chief Executive Officer of the Law Society of Kenya effective 19th October, 2020. She is not authorised to transact, communicate and deal in anyway whatsoever in the name of and on behalf of the Law Society of Kenya.”

In the ouster notice, Midenga accuses him of using crafty tactics to frustrate operations of the Council and Secretariat in collusion with the LSK Vice-Chairperson Carolyne Kamende Daudi.

“Noting that there are currently only three signatories, Ms Carolyne Kamende Daudi, has blatantly refused to sign Cheques thus contributing to negligence and financial probity of members’ funds that has resulted in, for the first time in the history of the Law Society of Kenya, accrued penalties on statutory payments, delayed payments of employees’ salaries at the Secretariat and payment of various service providers,” said Midenga in the notice.

He also accuses Havi of micromanaging the Secretariat by allegedly violating procurement policies by purporting to hire an auditor without any regard to procedural requirements.

Havi He is said to have illegally appointed Mark Obar as LSK ICT consultant and Proscene Company to offer the society with audio visual services.

“The President has also failed to adhere to Corporate Governance principles by taking a fellow Council member, one Ms. Esther Ang’awa, who was elected as an Upcountry Representative, and relegated her to the role of a mere Personal Assistant,” Midenga’s notice went.

He also faces charges of presiding over a divided Council and issuing statements that are contradictory to the official Council position.