President Uhuru Kenyatta has laid down key points to caution Kenya’s economy due to the adverse effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

 While presiding over Mashujaa Day in Kirinyaga County, Kenyatta has directed the National Treasury to further input more cash into various ministries and sectors which will go a long way to cement their recovery.

Here is a Swalanyeti takeout from President Kenyatta's economic stimulus package during his address.

That the Ministry of Education, jointly with the Ministry of Interior and The National Treasury, must establish a framework for the construction of the over 10,000 classrooms needed to provide the additional learning space required for the 1 million new students set to join Junior Secondary.

The National Treasury to engage Parliament to disburse 8 billion towards the construction of classrooms.

The construction of the classroom to be assigned to local contactors within the locality of each school, so as to provide further stimulus to the local economy.

Payment for the construction of the said classrooms is to be remitted directly to the contractors through respective sub-counties.

To sustain the gains made in the Tea sector, president Kenyatta has ordered the National Treasury to allocate one billion in support of the fertilizer subsidy for farmers.

For sugar farmers within Kenya's sugar belt zone, the National Treasury will allocate an additional 18 billion, 1.5 billion in aid of the sugar sector, that will be directed towards factories maintenance and payment of farmers areas.

Kenyatta has also directed the Treasury to set aside one billion to the Ministry of Agriculture to be channeled towards completion of the ongoing targeted interventions in the coffee sector.

Similarly, there shall be an allocation of 1.5 billion in support of the communities affected by the ongoing drought in the ASAL counties.

To minimize the reduction in the prices of animal feeds and agriculture, the Cabinet Secretary with the National Treasury has been directed to issue within seven days, a complete framework that will see the reduction of the cost of animal and chicken feeds.

Treasury will also allocate 8 billion to the Ministry of Education for the expansion program of Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC).

The Ministry of Health is therefore requested to establish an additional of new level 3 hospitals situated in mostly non-covered and densely populated across the nation which will cost a total of 3.2 billion.

Kazi Mtaani initiative will receive 10 billion from the National Treasury for the third phase of the program.

The program will cover over 200,000 youths who will be rolled out to counties with much priority given in ASAL counties.

The above stimulus package will cost the national government a total of 25 billion to revive the dying economy.

The countries economic growth rate has been projected at 6%.