Deputy President William Ruto has asked Members of Parliament to support the NHIF Amendment Bill when the House convenes.

DP Ruto said the amendment bill has to be implemented for government to succeed with its program of Universal Health Care.

Taking to his Twitter account, DP Ruto said the bill will guarantee a decent life to every Kenyan regardless of their social status.

"Today we make a decision as a nation to bring everyone on board under public health insurance system that will guarantee all a chance to live a better life regardless of their social status," he wrote.

If Members of Parliament pass the proposed amendment, the fund will be converted to Health Insurance from Hospital Insurance.

Again, if the government backs the bill, it will make it mandatory for any person who has attained the age of 18 years to contribute to NHIF through a kitty of Ksh500 monthly contribution.

A proposal like enthralling employers, government and private sector to match their employee’s monthly contribution to the fund has not been agreed well with a section of employers.

The National Assembly will discuss the National Hospital Insurance Fund (Amendment) on Tuesday afternoon.