A woman named Mercy Mlengeka Mwauli walked into Kitengela Police Station on Wednesday evening at around 7:30 pm to report an accident involving her son at their house ni Ngewa Apartments.

According to Mercy, her son has fallen off the couch and sustained some serious head injuries.

The minor, Sunny Dickens Anjichi was quickly rushed to the nearby Shalom Hospital.

Unfortunately, the nurses' and doctors' frantic efforts could not save the youngster's life.

Sunny's father, Dick Anjichi Ndubukhile had doubts about the facts surrounding his son's death and requested for an autopsy to be conducted on the boy.

The autopsy opened the pandora's box as it revealed a web of lies that were woven to cover up a crime.

Pathologist reports showed the minor had severe bruises on her lower limbs. There was also evidence of severe bleeding on the upper limbs, arms, thighs and head.

With the newfound evidence that pointed to possibilities of foul play, detectives visited Ngewa Apartments where police further questioned Mercy and the caretaker.

It later emerged that Mercy had viciously attacked her son Sunny for unknown reasons.

The police arrested her immediately and placed her under custody as they conclude investigations before arraigning her in court to face murder charges.