The Governor for Kirinyaga County Anne Waiguru has asserted that defending her seat on a Jubilee ticket would be a gamble should elections be held now.

She said Jubilee needs to clean their house and tend to their internal affairs before being accepted in the Mount Kenya region.

“The truth of the matter is that defending my seat if the polls were held today would be very difficult, and that is the truth of the matter, Jubilee needs to look internally at its issues in order to be acceptable to the people of Mt Kenya,” Waiguru said.

Waiguru was speaking during an interview in one of the local TV stations on Wednesday where she also said Jubilee would have a difficult time battling it out with other political parties unless the party is revamped and the issues within addressed.

She also intimated that the Mt. Kenya region is not satisfied with how the party has been running its affairs in the past years.

Waiguru said not even her performance record would secure her re-election against another candidate on another ticket.

“If I ran today on a Jubilee ticket and someone else ran on a different party, even if people felt I had performed, it would be hard to convince them to vote for me,” she said.

Among the thorny issues, Waiguru believes should be addressed by Jubilee Party is inclusivity. She said the party needs to be returned to the people to make them feel like they belong to it.

The Kirinyaga Governor was however non-committal on whether she will join the Deputy President William Ruto affiliated UDA movement or remain in President Uhuru Kenyatta's Jubilee.

Waiguru said currently she is gathering the views of Kirinyaga people in order to make the correct political decision in choosing the best party to seek re-election in.

“For now, I am spending time on the ground listening to what the people want. One needs to be careful to make the right decision to survive politically. I am asking my people which ‘vehicle’ to use to secure my seat,” she added.

Waiguru also claimed her woes with the Ethics Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) are instigated by some elements of the state and also claimed the same lobbied for her impeachment.