A tenant is facing assault charges after he attacked and caused serious harm to the caretaker for failing to open up the gate for him.

The caretaker named Neto Osangiro accused one Reckson Anyika Merele of attacking him and causing grievous harm to him on August 19, 2021, at a city residence along Thiong’o Road in Dagoretti.

On the fateful night of the attack, Merele is said to have gotten back home a few minutes past the witching hour only to find Osangiro acting under new orders.

Apparently, Merele’s landlady had instructed the Osangiro the caretaker not to open the gate for any person who came back past 10:30 pm unless she gave direct consent from her.

It seems Merele either did not get the memo, was held up by an unforeseeable situation or decided to ignore it altogether.

He came back home and knocked on the gate but did not get the feedback he expected and that agitated him.

Osangiro heard a knock on the gate and before he could establish who was it that was defiant of the landlady’s directive or government’s COVID-19 containment protocol namely curfew, a commotion from the backside of the compound drew his attention.

Little did he know that the commotion was caused by Merele who charged at him with rage and disarmed him and took possession of the baton he had in his hands.

Merele assaulted Osangiro repeatedly as he was threatening to dispatch him to meet his maker before the scuffle attracted the other tenants who intervened and rescued Osangiro from Merele’s wrath.

Merele was arraigned at the Kibera Law Courts before Senior Resident Magistrate Renee Kitangwa where he denied the charges.

His case will be mentioned on September 14, 2021.