The Jubilee Party Secretary-General Raphael Tuju has taken a swipe at Deputy President William Ruto over the wealth he has accumulated over the years.

Tuju was addressing the press on Monday when he delivered a public statement directed at the DP.

Tuju questioned the fast rate at which Ruto’s wealth has exponentially grown within years.

According to Tuju, the DP revealed he was worth Sh100 million in 2015 and going by the recent revelation by the Interior CS Fred Matiang’i, Ruto could be worth billions seven years later.

“The deputy president is on video record when he told Kenyans that he was worth Ksh.100 million sometime in 2015. In the intervening 7 years, he has worked very hard in his businesses and now, therefore, he has assets like choppers, hotels, and land worth billions of shillings,” Tuju said.

In a rather satirical manner, Tuju congratulated Ruto for his achievements, chivalry and commended him for being industrious.

“We would like to congratulate Dr Ruto for being able to make such amazing strides in business even as he was studying for his PhD concurrently with running a multi-billion-shilling empire and carrying the heavy burden of working as number two in command and being involved in presidential campaigns on his Sundays, still sparing time to do harambees from his hard-earned sweat money. From our records, he has been more generous than Safaricom and other blue-chip companies,” he added.

Tuju challenged Ruto to share with the youth his knowledge through with he acquired wealth within a short time instead of teaching more about wheelbarrows.

“May it please the deputy president Dr William Ruto EGH, UPL, DL, CH to show these young people all the skills and how to acquire such property in such a short time. He should teach us, the clueless adults in this country, how we can do the same,” said Tuju.

The Jubilee Party Secretary-General accused Ruto of twisting President Uhuru Kenyatta’s arms during their first term in power for his selfish interests.

Tuju also asked Ruto to call his house to order and desist from attacking the founding president of the nation Jomo Kenyatta through his foot soldiers.

Tuju accused the DP of being two-faced in handling the recent incident where his security detail was altered. 

“It was an admirable display of optics and demeanour of humility before his real self and ego came back as he launched a scathing social media attack executed by his foul-mouthed political mouthpieces and bloggers,” Tuju said.

He also urged Ruto to publicize his payments to the taxman in relation to his recent revelation of getting Sh1.5 million daily from his chicken business.

Tuju also touched on the Arror and Kimwarer dams’ fiasco where he quoted the DP saying that only Sh7 billion was lost and that money was yet to be returned.

He continued to ask the DP to respond truthfully to the matters he had raised for the sake of Kenyans.