Kinoo residents watched in shock as another five-storey building  collapsed.

The building that was still under construction came down on Friday.

The building first leaned on one side before budging under the weight and came down crumbling.


Sources say the masons and neighbours raised concern over the structural integrity of the building after cracks started emerging.

Some neighbours who feared for their lives gathered a few belongings and moved out of their houses for fear of the house crumbling down on them.

According to one mason, they had noticed a crack in one column, forcing them to stop the construction work.

They had earlier alerted the owner of the building to the building’s leaning towards one side, but he dismissed their concerns, saying they were mere masons and should therefore do their job.


The owner of the building only asked them to stop working at the building when the piping system at one corner of the building burst.

Another detail emerged from the area MCA Samuel Kimani who said the owner of the building had been served with a notice barring him from adding another floor onto the building.

However, he deviated from what was approved by the County Government and went ahead and added another floor onto the building contrary to what he presented on the master plan.

"He was to stick to the original master plan he had presented to the county government," Kimani said.

Kimani said the owner of the building should be held responsible for the unfortunate incident.

National Construction Authority officials ordered for the complete demolition of the structure and said investigations will begin immediately to establish if construction was lawful.


No casualties or injuries have been reported yet in the incident that succeeded another similar incident in Gachie where three people lost their lives barely a week after another construction site accident that saw a crane come down, killing nine people in Hurlingham.