Former K24 tv news anchor Shiksha Arora has relieved how the terror attack executed at the Westgate Mall on September 21, 2013 changed her life forever.

Arora shared her painful experience after being caught up in the horrific attack at the mall by terrorists seven years ago, sharing how the events, smell and sounds still haut her up to today.

"7 years ago my life changed forever. I still carry the sounds, smells and images that remain from the #WestgateAttack," she posted on Twitter. 

She went on to narrate her scariest moments during the attack when she thought she would never make it out alive and started to call her parents emphatically to bid them farewell.

"I remember calling my parents amidst the chaos telling them I love them. Remembering all my loved ones who weren’t as lucky as I was to be called survivors." 

Her followers poured their empathy and support for the former East fm presenter through words of encouragement urgig her to stay strong. Here are some of them:

Xris 69 @IrunguKris said: "Hey, When history will be written of the survivors of cowardice attack, you will be among the celebrated fighter. Lead in the front line and rebuke such acts and spare time to let the generation that has no idea of the traumatic encounter understand what role they can play."

Dr Emmanuel Kiplagat (@County028) posted: "Through this nightmare, God revealed a dancing sensation. Keep dancing."