Ugandan High Court Anti-Corruption Division has sentenced flamboyant South Sudanese Lawrence Lual Malong Yor Jr to six years’ imprisonment.

He was jailed alongside a Congolese national, Mike Lota and Gavana Zhikusoka for defrauding some Ethiopian nationals.

Lawrence Lual Malong. PHOTO/COURTESY

Lual has been sentenced to 3 years' imprisonment for obtaining money under false pretences, 2 years for conspiracy to commit a felony and 1 year for falsifying documents.

His Congolese accomplice got 2 years' imprisonment for obtaining money by false pretences. 1 for conspiracy to commit a felony and 1 year for uttering false documents.

The third accomplice was also handed a 2-year imprisonment sentence for obtaining money by false pretence, 1 year for conspiracy to commit a felony and 2 years for uttering false documents.

Lawrence Lual Malong. PHOTO/COURTESY

Reports indicate that Lual hoodwinked his victims, posing as the son of a South Sudanese general and also claimed close connection with Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni.

Lual and his accomplices staged a charade for their two Ethiopian victims Wagnew Dessie and Abebe creating an illusion of good business relations.

The two arrived in Uganda from South Africa and were introduced to two Congolese nationals and a Ugandan citizen who masqueraded as the owners of the gold in the middle of the saga.

Lawrence Lual Malong. PHOTO/COURTESY

Upon being convinced by the fraudsters, a deal triggered transactions that traversed Nairobi, Dubai, Brussels, Zambia and Hong Kong with the Ethiopians believing they were investing in the gold business in Uganda.

I later downed on the Ethiopian nationals that they had been scammed of their hard-earned cash and the ‘golden’ future they envisaged was just a mirage.

After their rude awakening, Dessie and Abebe reported the case to both the Kenyan and Ugandan authorities, and the felons were apprehended.

Lawrence Lual Malong. PHOTO/COURTESY

Their jail terms will run concurrently and the court also ordered for the money they swindled from the Ethiopians amounting to $1,092,000 be refunded.

Lual hit the Kenyan headlines some three years ago when he shared a video of himself swimming in bundles or Dollars.

He also became a guest in an interview by a local television channel where he bragged about his riches.