The Kenya Muslim National Advisory Council (KEMNAC) denounced Garissa Township Member of Parliament Aden Duale over remarks he made during an interview on a local TV station.

The Muslim leaders led by their chairperson Sheikh Juma Ngao said Duale’s remarks were disrespectful to other religions.

Ngao said the comparison Duale made between the Catholic Church and ODM would cause animosity between Muslims and Christians.

The Sheiks also chastened Duale saying politics does not mean that politicians must tread insults whenever they speak.

He also cautioned Duale against using religion where it is least concerned.

“It is about talking wisely without hurting anyone. So, getting a politician who even insults another religion is wrong. Let Duale not use religion where it is not supposed to be mentioned,” he said.

Another sheikh, Amiri Banda, also added his voice to the matter and also warned that Duale’s remarks could spark religious violence.

Banda asked the MP to control his tongue because he negates every good thing he says with such offensive remarks in the end.

“Mr Duale, we know that you are a good leader and you are a Muslim. But you have to control your tongue. There are so many good things you say but end up spoiling with offensive words at the end. First, you have insulted a person and a whole religion,” said Banda.

The Muslim leaders were reacting to Duale’s comments on a local station where he made remarks they felt could spark religious misunderstanding. 

Duale likened ODM to a cult and even went as far as comparing the party to the Catholic church.

“ODM is a cult where nobody can speak and is like the Catholic Church with its own structures and a pope,” Duale said.

The legislator later defended himself via Twitter, saying he directed his remarks at the ODM party and not the Catholic Church.

Duale was once a member of the ODM party before switching camp and joining the Jubilee party. He recently announced that he had joined the UDA party.