Former National Super Alliance (NASA) CEO Norman Magaya on Monday night took to Twitter to lament over how his life had taken a turn for the worse.  

In a series of tweets, Magaya narrated hurdles he had faced in dealing with his medical condition since he collapsed in 2017 and how it had taken a toll on his life, family and finances.

He painted a picture of devastation and how he was giving up and was facing eviction from his residence said to be in Runda, Nairobi.

Magaya, who has been absent from the public limelight since September 2019 when was flown to India for specialised treatment following a heart attack.

Before that he had been admitted at Nairobi Hospital after he collapsed during the heated presidential election that was tallied at Bomas of Kenya in 2017.

But on Monday, Magaya could not hold back his frustrations declaring that he was ready to face the consequences of coming out publicly with his problems.

“As the true son of my late father and mum, I shall not beg! To hell be the consequences, am ready! Enough of tormenting me and my innocent kids! I have no duty to please anyone. Worst are the allies who pray to see one’s downfall! Enjoy it all! Damn the consequences! Goodbye world!” he tweeted on Monday.

The former powerful NASA CEO, a lawyer, lamented over the high cost of medication he has had to grapple with since his health started failing in 2017. 

“How does a person out of work and on a shoelace budget maintain drugs demands of 100k per month!!! Torture this is.?

“I share this not to seek any sympathy nor seek support! I am happy to bear my current position because I have earned it. Given another opportunity I would take the same position. Democracy has a price and is happy to pay my part.”

He said medical bills has left his family at the risk of eviction and embarrassment.

“On the verge of eviction and embarrassment, I fear nothing, absolutely nothing! For I know this will be a day of joy for my detractors and I will gladly give it to you! From the cold street with my toddler daughters, I shall rise high coz there is God! Damn the consequences,” he added.

Silas Jakakimba, an aide to ODM party leader Raila Odinga, said on Twitter that he had been able to get Magaya and intercepted him in Machakos County.

Jakakimba, who was flanked by former student leader David Osiany, confirmed that Magaya was safely in hospital and was being attended to.

This was after economist David Ndii, his former NASA colleague, tweeted about his failed attempt to reach him on the phone as many worried about his state of mind. 

In September last year, Magaya defended ODM against claims by controversial opposition blogger Dikembe Disembe that the party had neglected him.

Disembe had alleged that Orange House had failed to effect an order issued by the party leader to foot Magaya’s medical bills as he party vowed to stand by him.