Matatus have been allowed to carry full capacity once again albeit amid the rise in the Delta variant of the dreaded COVID-19 virus starting Monday.

This was announced by Transport Chief Administrative Secretary Chris Obure who said the decision was reached following a review of the COVID-19 protocols.

In a statement issued during a stakeholder’s meeting with the players in the industry, Obure said the matatu industry was allowed to self-regulate.

All PSVs are expected to have sanitisers and they must be disinfected after every trip. All crew must wear three-ply masks and are also needed to make periodic announcements, reminding passengers to uphold precautionary measures.

Bus Operators of Kenya Association Chairman Edwin Makabana said the PSVs will use a cashless payment method and encouraged those with stickers with a “no mobile money” message to remove them.

Public service vehicles (PSV)s have been operating at 60 per cent capacity as a measure to control the spread of COVID-19 by maintaining social distance.

The matatus have been complaining why some other sectors have been allowed back to normal operation while they have still been operating at 60 per cent.