A resident of Kiambaa Constituency has gone to court to challenge the MP-elect John Wanjiku's victory in the recent and hotly concluded by-election.

The petitioner, George Thata Ndia alleges that the returning officer colluded with some unscrupulous individuals and rigged the election results in favour of Wanjiku against Jubilee's Kariri Njama.

Ndia affirmed in the petition that the Kiambaa by-election was marred by multiple instances of electoral malpractices and irregularities.

According to Ndia's petition, massive electoral malpractices and irregularities in specific polling stations substantially affected the outcome of the impugned Kiambaa parliamentary by-election that led to Kariri Njama being rigged out in favour of the Wanjiku.

The petition also noted several discrepancies in the tallying process, stuffing of the ballot boxes and inflation of the results in favour of Wanjiku.

Also covered in the petition is irregularities on the forms 34As, 35As and 35Bs.

Form 34As from 5 polling stations are said not to have been countersigned while there were inconsistencies and misrepresentations on form 35As and form 35Bs.

Ndia also accused the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) officials whose names appear on the application and the returning officer of using his personal mobile equipment to recruit presiding officers as well as the deputy returning officers n some polling stations.

According to the petition, some of the returning officers were transferred illegally from their stations as a scheme to execute the rigging.

Kariri Njama contested the provisional results and called for a recount of the votes at Kawaida Nursery and Muchatha polling station citing electoral malpractices.

IEBC had to suspend momentarily the tallying process at the main tallying centre in Karuri High School following Kariri's protests.

Wanjiku was declared the winner the winner after garnering 21,773 votes narrowly beating his main Jubilee rival Kiriri Njama who managed 21,263 votes.