ODM Party Leader Raila Odinga on Monday raised issue with the increased cases of disappearances, rape and murders of women and children that have dominated the news headline in the recent weeks.

Raila expressed shock at the recent report of victims suffering in the hands of people who are supposed to play protective roles in society.

“Too many children, girls and women have in recent times suffered gruesome deaths in the hands of people who should be their protectors,” Raila said in a statement.

The former Prime Minister warned that rising abductions, murders and violence was alarming and called for urgent measures to be takne by the government to contain the criminal acts.

“This turn of events is completely unacceptable. It has already gone on too long and must now be arrested. This is not the country we wish for our children, especially our daughters and sisters,” he continued.

Raila urged the National Police Service to guarantee Kenyans of their security as things threaten tyo get out of hand.

“I want to call upon the National Police Service to assure Kenyans that it is up to the task of protecting particularly children, girls and women. Police must assure Kenyans that an individual will not pluck and kill two, four or five children or girls before the ring is detected and crushed,” Raila added.

He also challenged the judiciary to expedite the delivery of justice in such cases to lessen the pain on the family of victims of such atrocities and stop emboldening the perpetrators.

“The Judiciary must also assure Kenyans that justice will come swiftly and fairly where lives have been senselessly lost. Justice is taking too long to come if it ever does for the victims.

The delays only prolong the pain and make beasts bolder,” he added.

Raila condoled with the affected families and prayed for the families still in search of their lost kin.

“I pass deepest and sincere condolences to families that have lost loved ones, those who have lost children, daughters and mothers in the senseless brutality that has gripped the country lately. My prayers are with families currently hunting for disappeared children,” he added.

Raila's sentiments come in the wake of a recent spike in cases of violence and kidnappings involving minors and women in the country.