Deputy President William Ruto has revealed the reasons for his cool demeanour even in the wake of attacks and perceived maltreatment by his boss President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Ruto was speaking during an interview on a local radio station on Tuesday where he said he was not a greedy individual otherwise he would be engaged in a public exchange with the president.

“If I were a greedy person, I would have made a lot of noise because I am an elected deputy president,” said Ruto.

Ruto revealed he has faced maltreatment that he could possibly not share over the media.

The DP who feels that his roles as the president’s deputy have been taken away from him cited respect for the leadership and his friendship with the head of state as reasons for withholding the information about the ill-treatment he has received.

“I would have raised dust that my roles have been taken…there are many things that I cannot discuss on air that have been done to humiliate me. But in respect of leadership and my friend, the President, I have never said anything, I have never attacked the President,” Ruto revealed.

Ruto further insinuated that there were some individuals who have been orchestrating his downfall since the 2017 elections hence the partisan fight against corruption in a bid to frustrate his interest in the presidency.

He claimed that the current war on corruption was rather selective than objective because they were targeting him and everyone allied to him. He added that they were bent on painting him as a corrupt man.

The DP further alleged that the government had been threatening anyone moving in his direction with corruption cases and claimed his allies working in government have been purged in the process.

Ruto did not forget to mention that the president favouring the BBI campaigns derailed their plans for the projects they had intended for their second term and stalled projects too.

The DP, who looked down upon Uhuru’s second term, citing the hijack by the handshake, claims that the president and he did great work during their first term because they were focused on the right priorities.

Ruto said that Uhuru’s legacy is hinged on the projects that were undertaken during their first term between 2013 and 2017.

The DP also took a swipe at the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and termed him a hypocrite even as Raila promised to jail corrupt individuals to jail. He said that Raila defended the Covid-19 millionaires.

The embattled deputy president revealed that his relationship with the president deteriorated after the 2017 general elections.