Fresh details have emerged pointing out to police syndicates of rogue police officers working together with the widely sought after fugitive Caroline Kangogo.

According to an officer privy to the ongoing investigation who did not wish to be disclosed, the syndicates have extortion rackets, pull off robberies, protect influential businessmen and politicians in Eldoret, Kericho, Kapsabet and Nakuru.

Kangogo is alleged to be a member of one of the infamous syndicates within the police force.

Police now believe that some other rogue police officers are helping Kangogo with her evasive manoeuvres, enabling her to escape all the police dragnets.

According to Nakuru County Criminal Investigations Officer Anthony Sunguti, there is the possibility of involvement of other rogue police officers in the murder of Kangogo’s first alleged victim John Ogweno.

Sunguti suggested that Ogweno’s murder could have been an in-house operation.

4 other individuals believed to be linked to the murder are currently being investigated by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

Sunguti also alluded that Kangogo is in close contact with senior police officers as well as some dangerous criminals under the police radar.

He also said that there Kangogo’s life may be in danger as part of that group are also after her.

“There is a group of police officers baying for her blood and there is one that is protecting her and this is why she has not been seen,” Sunguti said.

Other reports suggest that the second victim Peter Ndwiga who was found dead in a hotel room in Juja helped Kangogo escape from Nakuru after allegedly murdering Ogweno.

A source at the DCI intimated that the love triangle narrative was a cock and bull story to mask a serious underlying criminal activity going on.

The source suggested Kangogo needs protection from the rogue colleagues before she can be brought in to give her account of events on the two fateful days of Ogweno’s and Ndwiga’s murder.

The DCI officer who was speaking privately revealed officers found Kangogo’s door unlocked, her phone was found at the scene of Ogweno’s death while a receipt bearing her name was found in Ndwiga’s pockets.

He posed the question of why an officer of Kangogo’s stature would leave traces of her criminal activities all over the crime scenes to be picked by detectives.