The Kenyan taxpayer may as well prepare to shoulder the burden of another Sh105 Million for the purchase of laptops for their legislators.

The parliamentary Broadcasting and Library Committee tabled a report on Thursday recommending that the National Assembly should consider facilitating its members with laptops for virtual meetings.

The Sh105 million figure was arrived at under the assumption that each MP gets an Apple MacBook Pro that retails at about Sh300,000.

However, that budget did not include the 68 Senators and speakers.

The committee’s report also revealed that the MPs preferred laptops for virtual meetings rather than iPads.

Findings of a task force appointed by the National Assembly clerk to explore an apt tech solution for the house to conduct various sittings informed recommendation of free laptops for MPs.

The solution had to adherent to the government health protocols on the containment of COVID-19.

Kenyan taxpayers are already suffering under the weight of the high cost of living and the effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Acquisition of the free laptops for the M Ps could mean withdrawal of meals from the taxpayers' tables