Police have intensified the search for one of their own; corporal Caroline Kangogo, who is now a fugitive by any standards.

Kangogo has successfully evaded the police dragnet several times, only leaving the police to catch the wind of her trail.

She is now considered a very dangerous person who the disciplined forces have mobilized a multi-agency team drawn from the police, all elite units from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to hunt her down.

Kangogo seems to be a handful for the police. They have now invited the military to party even though it is known that the military seldom meddles with internal matters.

A question that lingers in everyone’s mind, including the police, is how Kangogo managed to elude the police dragnet even though she is being pursued by a special squad. 

Her 13 years in the police service possibly come in handy as they all read from the same book only that Kangogo is at least a chapter ahead.

The suspect withdrew all her money Sh20,000 from a local bank and also withdrew Sh40,000 from her police Sacco account after murdering her victim at Juja.0

A multi-agency team was deployed to track her down in Eldoret, where her phone signal last pinged on Thursday evening.

Caroline is believed to have been spotted in Kahawa Wendani, Nairobi, about 2:15 am.

A phone signal believed to be Kangogo’s was picked in Kericho town. Police suspect that she used someone’s phone to communicate with her friend while was on board a public service vehicle.

Her next destination was Kisii, where it is believed she went after her next victim, who happens to be a doctor.

Her phone signal was later in the afternoon, traced to her hometown in Iten, Elgeyo Market.

Come Thursday, Kangogo’s phone signal turned up at Kenlands are in Nakuru County and police believe she was on a mission to access the scene she committed the first crime; where her first victim, corporal John Ogweno, was found dead.

Her phone signal later went on again at around 3:00 pm, but this time in Eldoret.

The suspect has traversed 6 counties in 3 days and her mode of transport from one point to another is believed to be public service vehicles.

Police also allude that she is travelling under different guises to avoid detection by the public.

It is believed that Kangogo switches her phone on and off at different intervals to avoid being traced by the police and borrows phones to communicate with when the need arises.

The police have cautioned the public that Kangogo is armed and savage and would appreciate any information leading to her apprehension.