President Uhuru Kenyatta told his deputy William Ruto to take it slow with his ambitions and campaigns to replace him in the 2022 general election.  

Speaking at the official launch of the BBI report, Uhuru first lauded Ruto for his role in the Jubilee journey before castigating him for forgetting his mandate and focusing only on 2022.

The Head of State likened his deputy to a participant in a relay race who has chosen to run in the opposite direction instead of waiting for Uhuru to pass him the baton come the next poll.

"We walked together, but somewhere along the line 2022 issues took over and he forgot about everything else. But I'm telling him to take it slow..." Uhuru told Ruto.

"2022 will come and go... we are in a relay race but my brother William has decided to run in the opposite direction instead of waiting for the baton to be passed to him,” he said as those in attendance burst into laughter.

Ruto, who was laughing his head off, then stood up and whispered something into Uhuru’s ear at the podium followed by their hearty laughter before the DP went back to sit.

The Deputy President was humiliated earlier after he viciously poked holes into the BBI report attracting heckling from the delegates.

Uhuru did not spare him either as called for the management of the explosive youth issue carefully. 

"We must be very careful and stop this culture of using and disposing the youth. If we are to deal with our youth issues we must deal with our economy. No economy develops on a five-year cycle of politics," he warned.