Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka has admitted that he is the father of an unborn child he conceived with a woman who sued him for Sh25 million in child support. 

Lusaka, through his lawyer Peter Wanyama, has told the court that he is not challenging the paternity of the child.

He told the court he was in talks with the said woman with the intention of settling the matter out of court.

Concerning the issue of maintenance, Lusaka said it should be dealt with in the children’s court seven months after the birth of the child, and not now.

The speaker’s lawyer told Justice Antony Mrima that his client was willing to pay for the woman's prenatal medical expenses.

The woman’s lawyer Danstan Omari confirmed that they had discussed matters relating to consent and they require 7 days to conclude the negotiations before filing it in court.

Wanyama, however, did not agree to the 7 days and asked for a month which he argued will be sufficient time for negotiations.

“I don’t think within seven days we will have addressed the pre-birth maintenance issues because there are a couple of issues my client is still engaging the petitioner on such as accommodation expenses with respect to prenatal care which are continuous expenses,” he argued.

Both lawyer attended a meeting where Lusaka and the woman in question were present and left them to continue with their own discussions privately.

The Speaker's lawyer claimed the woman’s legal representative was hellbent on putting pressure on him to purchase her house for her within a week.

“They are putting us under pressure to say that they need a house within seven days. Who can buy a house within seven days?” Wanyama posed.

Wanyama inquired why they could not wait for the arrival of the baby before they can arrange for him to take care of accommodation and other expenses.

The woman’s lawyer argued that since he had admitted to be the father of the expected baby, the court should allow 7 days with respect to its life that he claimed was at risk.

Justice Mrima allowed the parties to continue with talks as he directed the matter to be mentioned on July 28.