Five suspects alleged to have plotted a break-in at the Prime Bank OTC branch in Nairobi were caught before they could effect their plan early Friday morning.

Jesse Muriuki, Reuben Njuka, Fredrick Muderwa, Charles Mulo and Gabriel Mungai had booked guest rooms adjoining the bank to plot their mission.

The five had hatched a plan to drill through the wall into the bank dead in the night. 

Their luck seems to have run out as the police gathered information about their plot and thwarted their efforts.

A squad of police officers happened in on the criminals, forcing them to go into hiding in the roof ceiling.

The detectives did not relent, but went ahead and brought down the ceiling, leaving the criminals exposed in their temporary hideout.

There being no other choice for the criminals, they went for the only viable choice, which included surrendering to the police, as they could not bolt out through the roof. 

Police recovered a metal drill, a pair of metal cutter scissors, a suitcase, a knotted and twisted rope, five metal bars and three hacksaws.

The five criminals were taken to the Kamukunji Police Station where they await to be arraigned in court.