President Uhuru Kenyatta said the government plans to vaccinate 10 million adults by December and targets 26 million adults in Kenya by mid-2022. 

President Kenyatta said the government had managed to purchase 13 million doses of the single-shot Johnson and Johnson jabs expected in Kenya in August.

“Our strategy was to vaccinate 10 million adults by June 2022 and approximately 16 million by June 2023,” Uhuru said on Tuesday.

He added, “We will vaccinate the entire adult population of 26 million Kenyans by 2022. In fact, by Christmas this year, we intend to have vaccinated over 10 million adults.”

The Head of State added that Kenya intends to vaccinate 150,000 people daily from August in a bid for the country to attain ‘herd immunity’ against Covid-19.

He added that Kenya might inoculate up to 30 million people across the country if a vaccine for those aged under 18 is approved by early next year.

He said, “If a vaccine for under-age populations is registered by early next year, we intend to vaccinate an extra 4 million young adults by June 2022 with a vaccinated population of 30 million people.”

Uhuru revealed that Kenya managed to get the Covid-19 vaccines at a cheaper rate.

“In the process of negotiating with this company, we managed to get a lower price. For the price of 10 million vaccines we have negotiated for them to deliver 13 million vaccines,” Uhuru added.

Kenya also plans to establish a Human Vaccine Centre to enhance the production of human and veterinary vaccines for local and foreign supply.