A man has been sentenced to 3 months in jail for failing to return the money he erroneously received on M-Pesa on November 3, 2020.

Cyrus Nzoka Mathiya appeared before Nairobi Senior Magistrate Martha Nazushi where he pleaded guilty to the offence.

Cyrus received Sh16,463 on his M-Pesa mobile money account from one Hariet Karimi.

Apparently, Cyrus refused to reverse the transaction or return the mobile money to Hariet upon request.

Cyrus Nzoka Mathiya. PHOTO/COURTESY

His refusal left Hariet with no choice but to see legal redress to get her money back.

After taking the guilty plea, Cyrus pleaded for clemency on account that he has a family that is solely dependent on him.

The court was lenient enough to offer him a chance to refund the money but unfortunately, he was not in a position to since he had already used it up.

Senior Magistrate Nazushi handed him down a 3-month jail sentence or pay a Sh20,000 fine.

The case serves as a warning to individuals who refuse to reverse or return the money that is wrongfully sent to them.