Thousands of Kenyans travelling to the Western part of Kenyan were today stranded following a long traffic jam along the Nairobi-Nakuru highway.

The highway was rendered impassable at the Elementaita region after vehicles overlapped and caused a gridlock.

Vehicles coming towards Nairobi could not pass because the other vehicles occupied their side of the road.

The snarl-up that stretched for kilometres lasted for hours, raising concerns of the travellers destined for the Western and Nyanza region if they will beat the curfew time.

The cause of the traffic jam has not yet been established yet, but it is assumed that the huge number of people who trooped out of the city to enjoy the World Rally Championship event that is ongoing at Naivasha caused it.

A number of motorists streamed into Naivasha for the 4-day event that will come to a close tomorrow.

Motorists caught up in the mess shared their frustrations on Twitter and Facebook.