The Nanyuki-Nairobi railway branch has once again hit the headlines for the wrong reasons after stalling at Chuka in Nyeri County.

The train was travelling from Nanyuki to Nairobi when the incident happened. 

Reports say the train stalled after one of its wagons derailed forcing the train to come to a grinding halt.

This comes barely a week after another train plying the same route caught fire and stalled because of a mechanical hitch shortly after leaving the Sagana station.

The Nairobi-Nanyuki freight train. PHOTO/COURTESY

Luckily the fire was contained within a short time before spreading further by the Murang’a fire brigade team.

This becomes the fourth incident to be reported on the Nairobi-Nanyuki railway branch in less than a yeat.

Last December a train carrying over 1,500 passengers broke down at Ruthagati and in mid-January this year, another train stalled in the middle of the journey forcing passengers to spend the night in the cold. 

The Nairobi-Nanyuki passenger train. PHOTO/COURTESY

Kenya Railways is yet to issue an official statement concerning the latest incident on the railway.