Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru has found herself in a tight corner after her bodyguards roughed up a woman who had confronted her over the running of the county. 

In an ugly incident captured on video, the agitated woman is seen following Waiguru to her vehicle complaining about how things were not going right as far as the county government is concerned.

The County boss, however, ignores her and proceeds to enter her official car as her bodyguards cover her as the woman continues to hurl words at her in their native Kikuyu language.

Things went south for the woman when she attempted to accost Waiguru in her car and she was met by the hostile bodyguards who manhandled and roughed her up and pushed her away.

Their actions attracted the wrath of the residents at the scene who heckled them and told them off forcing them to let go of the woman as she dared them to a fight and got more irritated.

The video ends as the two police bodyguards enter their Subaru chase car and follow the Governor as she sped off the scene away from the ugly incident.

The incident happened in Mwea after Waiguru signed a deal between Kirinyaga County Government and Kenya Animal Genetic Resource Centre (KAGRC) to provide Artificial Insemination services to farmers.