An individual has filed a petition at the Court of Appeal seeking to have President Uhuru Kenyatta return the funds used to promote the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

The individual through his lawyer Morara Omoke also filed a cross-appeal defending the decision by the High Court’s five-judge bench to stop the BBI process.

A High Court declared the BBI process unconstitutional after 8 petitions highlighted 17 issues with the BBI.

Among the issues raised include the question of who was mandated to create constituencies, the question of structure in the referendum and whether the BBI sufficiently satisfied the constitutional interpretation of a popular initiative.

The petitioner also prays the Court of Appeal to give the president an order to dissolve parliament and comply with the Supreme Court’s advisory last year.

According to the petitioner, parliament lacked legal standing to discuss the bill especially after the former Chief Justice David Maraga issued an advisory declaring the 12th parliament unconstitutional for not achieving the two-thirds gender rule.

President Uhuru also filed a notice of appeal against the High Court ruling that stopped the BBI process.