Police in Cherangani, Trans-Nzoia have launched a manhunt for a suspect after 8 guns, rounds of ammunition and other items were found in a residence on June 1.

The police acted on an anonymous tip-off from a concerned member of the public, who had accessed the house, about the suspect having many unexplained firearms and rounds of ammunition.

They raided the house in Kerita village and recovered six pistols, a revolver, a submachine gun, rounds of ammunition and magazines.

“Detectives proceeded to the suspect’s home in Kerita Village in Trans Nzoia East Sub-County, where they accessed his house and recovered eight firearms,” says the police report.

The suspect caught wind of the raid and fled the house before the police could catch up with him.

Other items found in the house include a modified swagger cane, a jungle-green t-shirt, a jungle-green sweater, a pair of smoke trousers and an unknown liquid substance in a five-litre jerrycan.

Upon further investigation and inquiry, the police discovered that the house was leased under the name; Maxwell Tally Mutonyi, a police officer attached to the Judiciary and lives in the Police Band quarters in South B, Nairobi.

The suspect is still at large.