Total Kenya has issued a recall notice to all their esteemed customers in possession of faulty batches of LPG hose pipes, to return them to the nearest Total service station or distributor outlet for a free replacement.

The hose pipes from batch SCG/BS 3212:1991/1 LOW PRESSURE LPG/8MM / MFD:03 -2020/ EXP:03-2025 are feared to be faulty and pose a monumental risk to anyone who could be using them according to the company.

Total said their supplier’s notification informed the decision to recall the batches, samples of which are failing the aging test.

In addition to that, Total Kenya also recalled LPG hosepipes with manufacturing dates of 2019 and 2019: MFD: 03-2018/EXP: 03-2023, MFD: 10-2018/EXP: 10-2023, MFD: 04-2019/EXP: 04-2024 and MFD: 10-2019/EXP: 10-2024.

The company apologized to its customers for any inconvenience the recall exercise may cause.

The petroleum company’s move to recall the faulty hose pipe could save millions from the dangers of fire as a result of leaking LPG pipes.

Fire outbreak PHOTO/COURTESY