Fresh evidence has emerged in the recent shooting incident along Moi Avenue, Nairobi involving renowned Kenyan actor Ainea Ojiambo.

A local publication reports that police are pursuing the possibility that a second weapon might have discharged the bullet that killed a security guard during the attack on Ojiambo in the Nairobi Central Business District (CBD).

According to the officer, spent cartridges that were recovered from the scene of the incident were taken to ballistics experts to establish which weapon had fired the fatal shot.


Members of the public assist the injured security guard. PHOTO/COURTESY

Earlier reports indicated that some witnesses alleged they heard more than two shots during the shooting incident that followed an attack on the actor by two suspected robbers targeting his gold chain.

However, investigations are still ongoing into the incident that was captured on CCTV to establish which gun fired the fatal bullet.

On April 30, suspected robbers ambushed Ojiambo, who was talking to an unidentified woman outdside an exhibition stall, but they were forced to flee after the actor reached for his gun and fired a shot at them.

It was later established that a security guard died later after a bullet hit him during the incident that attracted a crowd.