Uganda’s opposition leader Robert Kyagulanyi is still being squeezed by President Yoweri Museveni government after he was slapped with fresh taxes on his bullet-proof vehicle.

In a communication, Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) asked Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine to pay USh337 million, an equivalent of Sh10 million, in taxes for his imported armoured car.

URA imposed the extra taxes on Wine’s car after a fresh evaluation on his high-end vehicle, which had originally been taxed lower as the authorities considered it a regular vehicle.

Bobi Wine's armoured vehicle. PHOTO/COURTESY 

URA’s letter to his lawyers read, “Following the re-examination of your client’s motor vehicle, Toyota Land Cruiser V8 Reg. No. UBJ 667 F, it was confirmed that the unit was armoured. The details of ballistic protection were confirmed as 90 mm for the window upper plate glass and 6mm for the bottom hull.”

The letter addressed to Wine’s lawyers, Wameli & Co Advocates, continued, “It was also established that the declaration made vide Customs reference UGCWH C 54 of February 12, 2021, did bare falsehoods of clearing it as a normal vehicle yet it was armoured contrary to Sections 203 of the East African Community Customs Management Act, 2004.”

Bobi Wine's armoured vehicle. PHOTO/COURTESY

URA, in the letter dated April 22 and signed by Customs Department commissioner Abel Kagumire, said Wine’s Toyota Land Cruiser V8 car is worth $166,700, which is approximately Sh18.1 million.

“Customs has re-evalued the motor vehicle using alternative methods of valuation and appraised a customs value of $166,700 with tax payable of Shs337,698,776m. Please advise your client (Bobi) to liaise with the office of the Assistant Commissioner Enforcement who by copy hereof, is requested to facilitate payment of due taxes and release of your client’s vehicle accordingly,” the letter went on.

Last month, Wine lost a petition at the Kampala High Court to bar the taxman from reevaluating the car donated by his diaspora supporters for the purpose of imposing fresh taxes.