The government through the Ministry of Health (MoH) has guaranteed Nakuru residents that it has contained the recent outbreak of Swine-flu in Elementaita.

Nakuru County Public Health Chief Officer, Daniel Wainana, said the government has taken appropriate measures to control the spread of the dreaded virus to other areas and avoid further spread to humans and animals.

Wainana disclosed that only eight children under the age of one are admitted with mild signs of the virus. Two of them are admitted at Nakuru Level 5 Hospital while the other six are admitted at Kiptangwanyi Health Centre.

He also said the eight children are receiving treatment and a supplementary diet.

Wainana appealed to members of the public to maintain high standards of hygiene, including proper sanitation, proper nutrition and proper ventilation to fully curb the flu.

He said a team of experts including surveillance officers were sent to the affected areas to collect samples.

Out of the nine samples that were collected, five turned out positive for the Swine H1N1 flu virus.

Wainana also disclosed that the County Disease Surveillance System Unit has engaged other health agencies from the Livestock Ministry and the Kenya Wildlife Service to monitor the spread of the virus and curb further spread to both domestic and wild animals.

The Swine Flu was first reported at Kiptangwanyi Health Center in Elementaita Ward on July 27, 2022, after a sizeable number of children under the age of one exhibited its symptoms, which included high fever, strained breathing and prolonged cough.

However, there was a case of Swine Flu that was reported in February 2020.