The Pharmaceutical Society of Kenya (PSK) has warned unnamed personalities against marketing brands of Covid-19 vaccines to the public through their social media pages.

PSK President Louis Machogu, in a statement, termed as unethical marketing of some vaccine brands as better than others, saying it violates Pharmacy and Poisons Board laws.

“Marketing to the general public of brands of medicines to be better over other registered medicines or even lacking side effects is unethical and disallowed by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board Regulations,” said Machogu.

He warned that such marketing risk leading to proliferation of fake Coronavirus vaccines into the country inadvertently as many Kenyans rush to get popularised jab brands.

“You increase your chances of getting safe, efficacious and effective medicines by visiting your healthcare team at your regular registered healthcare facility and getting a treatment or vaccination plan,” he said.

In his statement, the PSK President urged the general public to report any side effects, unauthorised marketing of drugs or suspected falsified medicines to the board for action.

He stated that all Covid-19 vaccines approved in Kenya are authorised under emergency use only, caling for vigilance from the public and authorities to protect public interest during the pandemic.

PSK has, at the same time, raised awareness on rising cases of global trade in falsified Covid-19 vaccines that are targeting popularised brands urging Kenyans to be wary of exploitation.

The society spoke after city lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi and Donald Kipkorir posted photos on their social media handles while being innoculated with the Russian Sputnik V, whose local approval status the government has been flip-flopping about in the last week.