President John Magufuli on Wednesday warned Tanzania’s Ministry of Health against being quick to accept Covid-19 vaccinations being promoted by foreign countries.

Speaking at Chato in Geita Region, Magufuli told his health ministry officials not to take lightly any decision to approve Coronavirus vaccinations in the East African Country.

“You should stand firm. Vaccinations are dangerous. If the White man is able to discover vaccinations, he could have found a vaccine for Aids, tuberculosis, malaria and cancer by now,” he said.

The president warned Tanzanians to be wary of the things brought to them by other countries.

“Let us not imagine that they love us so much. This country (Tanzania) is rich, Africa is rich and everyone is jealous of our vast resources. We must be very careful,” he added.

He said Tanzania would only accept vaccines approved by her own experts, citing an unnamed nation (read Kenya) where girls were inoculated for cervical cancer only to end up infertile.

“In a certain country, girls were vaccinated against what was supposedly cervical cancer, only to later emerge that the vaccine was meant to take away their fertility,” he added.

Magufuli urged Tanzanians to continue trusting God and observe all health measures, vowing never to impose a clockdown and will allow citizens to continue with their economic activities.

“We have lived for more than one year without the virus because our God is able and Satan will always fail,” Magufuli asserted.

Tanzania has not released her official Covid-19 data since the virus was first reported in the East African region early last year.