Renowned musician Nyota Ndogo has addressed rumours that she uses witchcraft to lure white men and also to succeed in her business.


She denied the claims after a fan accused her of visiting multiple witch doctors in the Coast region seeking help to charm white men.

While trashing the rumours, Nyota Ndogo said that she is a firm believer of Christ and would never visit witch doctors.

According to the singer, everything that she has, her mzungu man and her successful businesses are all blessings from God, noting that she is a prayerful woman.


“I have never used charm and I have never thought of vising a witch doctor,” she said.

“That is like degrading my God. My faith is so high. I pray for everything from God and He gives me a clean heart,” she said.

She further advised people to stop spreading such rumours, stating that she does not know about witchcraft but on the same note, she can help with business ideas.

“I do not know any idea about charms, but I can help you with business ideas,” she added.

She also admitted that many people in her inbox have tried convincing her to visit a witch doctor but not she would never do that.