Celebrated Tanzanian singer Benard Paul better known to many as Ben Pol has for the first time opened up about his divorce from Keroche breweries heiress Anerlisa Muigai.

While speaking at an interview, the bongo star said that he has already moved on and wishes never to get back to his Kenyan ex-wife to be, terming the relationship poor with frequent disagreements even though they got married officially in church.

He further confessed that he has no feelings left for Anerlisa and was thinking about the next step he would make in his life.

"It’s true I filed for divorce, and the process is still ongoing. Normally, divorce takes time. This means, were are still lawfully tied together, but truly both of us have no feelings left for each other." Ben Pol said.

The hitmaker further noted that on his part he did his best on trying to get her to understand but things went out of hand but he was happy for what happened while they were together stating that it was God’s plan.

“I did my best hata muda ukirudi nyuma, ningefanya vile vile, hamna kitu ambacho ningerekebisha, kwa hiyo kama vitu havijaenda ni mipango ya mungu tu na huwezi badilisha”.

Whatever happened in the two years, ilikuwa tu imepangwa na Mungu, maana kila mtu alikuwa alivyo na familia zilikuwa zinatusapoti” He continued.

The interviewer asked Pol whether he can get back to his Kenyan wife and shockingly; he reiterated he has no feelings left for her.

"Kwa saa hivi mimi namuombea tu heri lakini kusema ati namzimia, hapana hakuna kitu kinaweza kutokea kati yangu mimi na yeye." Pol said.

"Simfeel kabisa, unfortunately, sidhani kama ni kosa, huo ndo ukweli wangu," said Pol.

The Moyo Mashine crooner also revealed that previously when they had minor marital issues he would check on her via Instagram but recently he quit and doesn’t bother.

The journalist continued by telling Pol that he thinks she is happy according to her social media posts, but Pol answered while noting that he can’t trust social media.

I don’t know if she is happy but social media is fake and most people are not living their truth. I don’t trust social media. He concluded.