A furious woman has been captured on camera vandalizing a car allegedly belonging to her boyfriend who had just dumped her.

In a viral video seen by Swala Nyeti, the woman who was crying, could be heard calling for the said boyfriend identified as Simon to come out for them to resolve their differences.

The agitated woman stood outside the man’s house while pleading with Simon’s friend, only identified as Munene, to plead with him to come down from the house he was believed to be hiding in.

Munene, who was seemingly trying to avoid the dramatic woman and manage the situation, was still locked inside a vehicle believed to be her boyfriend's before the lady threatened to vandalize the entire car if he didn’t come out and get Simon.

After a while, Munene was forced to come out of the car and tried to cool down the woman filled with rage but all his efforts bore no fruit as the woman hit and dented his car bonnet with a rock.

She was heard saying that she could not allow Simon to embarrass her and destroy her life as she continued pacing around the car while hitting it with the rock whilecalling out Simon.

Continuous efforts by Munene to contain the unidentified woman proved futile and the uncontrollable woman instead reached for the car keys. 

“Munene wewe njoo hapa, Aya tembea miguu,” she said while lamenting before taking off.

It is yet to be established where exactly the incident happened and exact identities of the trio involved in the night estate drama that attracted a crowd but it seems to in an estate in Nairobi.