Popular socialite and former Nairobi Diaries actress Bridget Achieng’ has opened up that her friends previously tried to kill her by poison but their efforts failed terribly.

While celebrating her 32nd birthday, the voluptuous mother of one wrote a lengthy message on her Instagram page in a bid to expose her fake friends.

According to Achieng, after her friend's poisoning method was unsuccessful, they opted to embarrass her online by record her nude and editing the dirty video just to bring her down.

“I have a lot of things I’m battling in life but this part of the week remaining I want to use it to glorify God, so-called friends poisoned me when it didn’t work they circulated edit videos and pictures and as if that was not enough they have used there social media and sittings any sitting they find to make me their full-time job, what an important person I am,’’

Even after all she has gone through, Achieng noted that she was happy and could wake up healthy and kicking and even celebrated her 32nd birthday.

She also thanked the Almighty for the far he has brought and also prayed for those battling personal issues privately.

“Still here still fighting and living this life, I’m not in a competition with anyone just running my race, proudly turning 32 imperfectly I never said I was a model anywhere neither did I ever say I’m perfect, it’s my prayer that as women we use any Avenue God has given us to lift ourselves and make a better tomorrow ..to all women and men battling something in private you can’t talk about my God almighty answer all your secret prayers and wipe your tears love you Guys, # it's my birthday,’’ she concluded.