Controversial businesswoman Amira hastopped the headlines yet again after exposing secrets relating to his flamboyant husband Jamal Ibrahim alias Jamal Roho Safi.

Gossip blogger Edgar Obare posted on his Insta Stories that Amira approached her months ago when the two had a chat about what went wrong between the two longtime lovers.

In the screenshots shared by Obare, Amira blasts her husband telling him off over claims that he was rich.

Amira, who recently engaged in an ugly war of words with her co-wife Amber Ray, revealed that Jamal was not as wealthy as he claimed but allegedly survived on loans.

“He is not even rich, he lives on loans,” Amira claimed in the message shared by Obare.

She also disclosed that trouble brewed in their perfect relationship when socialite Amber Ray came into their lives and was married by Jamal in a private ceremony

According to Amira, immediately after the two started dating, her husband stopped coming home and always slept outside their matrimonial home and when he returned home, he mostly locked himself up in his room.

 “I don’t know what I can do about this relationship. I feel like Jamal is not himself, he doesn’t come home and even if he comes he doesn’t have time for the kids, he is always in his room,” wrote Amira.

The businesswoman further disclosed that Jamal allegedly threatened to kill her if she tried to poke her nose into his relationship with Amber Ray.

“When I asked him about the relationship, he came home and told me he would shoot me severally if I try to get involved in his affair with Amber. So I’m dying in my silence,” said Amira in the message.

She also painfully narrated how their relationship began and blossomed in high school and was smooth sailing until he got more cash and recently married the socialite as a second wife.

She also revealed how Jamal’s relationship with the socialite was hurting her because she was not allowed to talk and express her feelings about it.

“I’m Jamal’s wife from way back in High School and this whole thing is hurting me and I’m not allowed to speak about it or even comment. Jamal threatens me every time I do that,” she added.

A scorned Amira recently came out publicly in a series of posts and media interviews lambasting Jamal for marrying Amber amid claims that he was also seeing another woman, only known as Catherine.

Jamal is yet to respond to the explosive claims by Amira coming days after he told off those focusing on his marital woes that have refused to go away as new details keep emerging.