Churchill Show comedian and popular media personality professor Hamo has narrated a horrific ordeal with thugs on a motorbike in Nakuru on Saturday night.

Hamo, who took to his Instagram account, disclosed that he was without tense driving at around 11.30 pm before thugs appeared behind him on motorcycles.

With no clue that they were thugs, he kept moving forward but was left in wonder after the bikers and passengers shouted at him to stop.

The funnyman said that the first thing that came to his mind was that his car boot was open but again that was not the case.

“On my way out of Nakuru, just after the KFA roundabout, two bikes, I could see them on my mirrors, were behind me. I hear the shouting Simama! Simama! And I am thinking something is wrong with the car, maybe the boot is open. I checked the boot, couldn’t see anything from the mirrors, so I kept going,” He narrated.

Hamo said he had to stop and check what the problem was after the shouting kept increasing as they moved by. He stopped his vehicle after reaching the second roundabout in total.

He noted that things were not okay after the stop. One rider went in front of his car while the other one remained at the back.

One of them passed med and stopped right in the middle of the road, in front of me. The other bike was behind me. A passenger alighted from one bike and dared me to hit them if I want.

According to Hamo, the passenger tried reaching the pocket and it was when Hamo who had turned off the engine swerved the roads.

“There was no traffic, so I swerved and sped off. They chased me but I was flying, going at 180km/hr.” 

The comedian said that upon reaching the Menengai roundabout he thought of making a turn and head to Kaptembwa Police Station but decided not to as the car would have flipped.

“The front right wheel hit the curb, so I slowed down to stabilise the car. I reached the Njoro turnoff, and I switched off the lights. I waited for a few minutes before resuming the journey,” he said.

The comedian opened up that the horrific encounter left him traumatized and scared.

“That was scary and traumatizing. Just be careful on the roads. I’ve heard of another trick. If they know your car, they come with a number plate resembling yours and lie that you have dropped it. Don’t stop, just go, even if you will reach Moyale.”