The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) is undertaking a data clean-up exercise aimed at improving the integrity of its taxpayer register and enhancing service delivery for all registered taxpayers.

This initiative focuses on ensuring the accuracy of personal identification number (PIN) registration details.

"We urge all registered taxpayers to update/correct their registration details as appropriate, on iTax, including their phone number, physical address, email address, physical location of businesses, residency status, directorships or partnerships held, etc.," stated the Commissioner for Domestic Taxes.

As part of this exercise, KRA has introduced a one-time password (OTP) system for updating taxpayer contact information on the iTax platform.

Upon logging in, taxpayers will receive an OTP on the phone number currently registered in the system for verification purposes.

If this number is incorrect, taxpayers can update it within the system to receive a new OTP and regain access to their iTax accounts.

To ensure a smooth process, KRA encourages all registered taxpayers to actively participate in this data clean up exercise by updating their information on iTax.

This includes phone numbers, physical addresses, email addresses, business locations, residency status, and any directorships or partnerships held.

For further clarification or assistance, taxpayers can contact the KRA Contact Centre