In a testament to Kenya's resilient hospitality industry, the forthcoming launch of Accor’s Pullman Hotel Nairobi Upper Hill signals a promising new era.

Scheduled for June 20, 2024, this debut promises not just accommodation, but an immersive experience deeply rooted in local culture and sustainability.

Gerard Moutou, General Manager of Pullman Hotel Nairobi Upper Hill, affirms, "This is not just a place to stay. This is a place to improve, to innovate, and to inspire."

Emphasizing their commitment to art and local engagement, Moutou highlights the hotel's unique approach: "Pullman takes its cues from the destination with the goal of promoting discovery and social interactions."

Central to their strategy is an art corner that continuously evolves, showcasing Kenya's vibrant culture through design, photography, and immersive installations.

Moutou underscores, "The art at Pullman is an experience that we can take away and keep forever."

Beyond aesthetics, sustainability is integral.

The hotel sources all food and beverages locally, supporting community livelihoods and promoting organic practices.

Moutou states firmly, "We believe in supporting and improving the lives of those we work with. We also want our guests to have a feel of this country’s local products"

Technological integration is another cornerstone of Pullman’s ethos, enhancing guest comfort and operational efficiency.

From advanced conference facilities to pioneering WOJO Workspitality spaces, the hotel aims to cater to modern professionals and entrepreneurs seeking flexible, collaborative environments.

Moutou expressed optimism as the Pullman Hotel launch approaches, stating that they are eager to collaborate with all stakeholders to advance the hospitality sector.

He acknowledged the government's supportive role and extended gratitude to their development partners both locally and internationally.

"We are proud of our development partners in the country and across the globe, as we look forward to offer best services and experience, as well as create memories," he concluded.

As Kenya’s hospitality sector continues its upward trajectory post-pandemic, Pullman Hotel Nairobi Upper Hill stands poised not only to meet but to exceed expectations, offering a blend of luxury, sustainability, and local immersion that promises to redefine the hospitality landscape in East and Central Africa.