Donning an sophisticated look and an elegant gait, she walked to the podium to receive her award during the 20th anniversary of the Think Business Banking Awards at a city hotel.

Her name: Lucy Kabura Kagia. Her award: Outstanding Young Banker of the Year. The event: Think Business Banking Awards 2024. Venue: JW Marriott hotel, Nairobi.

The room burst into a thunderous applause as she received her award, her heart beating loudly, as she tried to maintain her poise, lacking sufficient smile to radiate her true emotions.

The theme of the 20th anniversary of Think Business Banking Awards was: “Making the Transition Towards Green Banking,” setting a forward-thinking tone for the night of grandeur.

The notable award celebrated her exceptional contributions to the banking sector in Kenya, distinguishing her as a leading light among her peers and the envy of myriads in the room.

The Think Business Awards recognize excellence in operational efficiency, transactional efficiency, and customer service.

“I have no words! Maybe I will find them when all the gratitude in my heart wears off, might be a long time, but this is incredibly humbling and it brings tears to my eyes because I wanted this as a gift for my 30th birthday and I whispered it to God in one of my prayers and the moved on. Look at Him, my Father in heaven, showing off for me!” an excited Kagia said on her win. 

But who is Lucy Kagia, the name now synonymous with innovation and excellence?

She is not your typical young banker; she is a dynamic force known for her innovative strategies and impactful campaigns reverberating through the Kenyan marketing landscape.

She commenced her journey with Absa Bank Kenya back in 2018 as a Content Marketer before her career propelled to her current role as the Marketing Manager for Virtual Banking.

Excellence Journey

Kagia has made a name for herself at Absa Bank Kenya due to her exceptional performance and strategic vision owing to her ever-growing expertise and exemplary leadership skills.

As the marketing leader for Absa's Virtual Banking Division, she has kept on pushing the envelope and setting new industry standards just to see how high in the sky she can reach.

Innovative Campaigns

Her innovative and creative campaigns have attracted recognition in the very competitive industry, with her hallmark campaigns including the "Stay Active Campaign,” launched during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020.

More than a marketing strategy; the campaign breathed life to many by facilitating connections through engaging activities and expert-led sessions promoting mental and physical well-being when it was needed most.

Another of her standout initiatives was the "Absa Money Love Languages," a creative and humorous Valentine's Day campaign, which has been running successfully for the past three years, promoting financial literacy and wellness among diverse audiences.

It has not only achieved commercial success but also positively impacted the financial well-being of the bank's customers across Kenya.

Thought Leader

Beyond campaigns, Kagia’s innovative spirit has seen her push significant advancements within the bank including the launch of Absa’s WhatsApp banking service.

This groundbreaking initiative has revolutionized customer engagement, setting a new benchmark in the banking industry.

Her expertise has earned her spots on prestigious panels and conferences, where she shares her insights and best practices with poise and grace.

Sustainable Growth

Kagia currently spearheads Absa Bank's Timiza platform, which offers inclusive financial services to both banked and unbanked individuals in Kenya.

Under her stewardship, Timiza has empowered millions of people, significantly advancing financial inclusion and contributing to the bank’s sustainable growth and social impact.

Youth Mentor

Complimentary to her professional achievements, she is also a fervent advocate for youth empowerment and mentorship.

She has moderated numerous sessions, providing guidance and inspiration to young professionals and aspiring leaders, in her quest to meaningfully impact the lives of others.

Outstanding Vanguard

Kagia is an outstanding vanguard in the Kenyan banking sector inspiring and elevating those around her while leaving an ineffaceable mark in the firms and communities she operates in.

Her recognition as the Outstanding Young Banker of the Year at the Think Business Banking Awards 2024 not only sheds light on her personal achievements but also sets a template for other aspiring young professionals.