NCBA Bank hosted a vibrant business engagement forum on Friday at their Eastleigh branch nestled within Business Bay Mall.

This initiative, aimed at nurturing stronger bonds with its clientele, underscores the institution's dedication to customer-centricity.

Opened on the 6th of June 2023, the NCBA Eastleigh branch has swiftly garnered attention, boasting a burgeoning customer base of 1,100 individuals and businesses.

Impressively, the branch has witnessed a surge in forex revenue, catapulting its monthly earnings to 19 million—a remarkable leap from last year's 30 million within a mere six months of operation.

John Gachora, NCBA Group Managing Director, expressed his gratitude to the Eastleigh community during the event, emphasizing the pivotal role customers play in the bank's success.

"This visit provides an invaluable opportunity for me to connect with our customers," Gachora stated.

"We remain committed to being your preferred financial partner."

Facilitating an average of 3,000 transactions monthly, the NCBA Eastleigh Branch has significantly bolstered transaction volumes, with monthly turnovers reaching Sh1.5 billion.

Notably, the branch has attracted a slew of new-to-bank customers, attributing its success to its strategic location and customer-oriented services.

In terms of lending, NCBA Bank has disbursed loans totalling Sh50 million, primarily focusing on Asset Finance to buoy various sectors of the economy.

Yusuf Hassan, MP, Kamukunji Constituency, highlighted the symbiotic relationship between the branch's establishment and economic vitality.

"The NCBA Eastleigh branch opening aligned perfectly with our collective goal to foster an environment where businesses can thrive," Hassan noted.

"Eastleigh's contribution, nearly 35 per cent of Nairobi County's revenues, underscores its economic significance."

NCBA Eastleigh branch has positioned itself as a pivotal player in Asset Finance and Forex Trading markets since its inception.

Offering competitive trading opportunities, the bank reaffirms its commitment to fueling economic growth and development within the community.

In essence, NCBA's Eastleigh branch serves as more than a financial institution—it's a beacon of economic empowerment and customer-centricity, driving prosperity within the region and beyond.