Kenyan commuters can expect some minute financial relief as matatu fares are poised to drop by up to 10 per cent across the country.

The Matatu Owners Association (MOA), a key industry player, announced this initiative to support Kenyans following recent fuel price adjustments.

"We have told our guys to bring down the fare to support the common citizens because without them we can't do business," said Albert Karakacha, Chairperson of the MOA.

"We will be lowering the bus fare by around five to 10 per cent," he explained on Monday.

This translates to a saving of Sh10 to Sh20 for passengers who previously paid Sh100 for a journey.

The MOA is currently consulting with its members nationwide to ensure a smooth implementation of the fare reduction.

So far, communication has been passed on to members in Mombasa, Nairobi, Central, and Western Kenya.

The move comes after a significant fuel price decrease announced by the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) on Sunday.

This marked the largest drop so far, with Super petrol decreasing by Sh5.31 per litre, diesel by Sh10 per litre, and kerosene by a substantial Sh18.68 per litre.

While acknowledging the government's positive action on fuel prices, Karakacha urged for further measures.

"We appreciate what President William Ruto is doing but going forward, he needs to talk to the people selling spare parts and tyres because they are still expensive," he said.

He highlighted the continuing burden of high spare parts and tyre prices, despite the falling dollar which industry stakeholders believe should translate to lower costs.

The MOA's initiative to decrease fares demonstrates their commitment to supporting Kenyans during this economic period.

The success of this plan hinges on effective monitoring by the MOA's grassroots leadership to ensure that the reduced fares are implemented by drivers and matatu owners nationwide.